What you receive in the Food and Exercise Programme package:

We offer several weight control programmes designed to put you

back in control of your relationship with food.


The programmes are not about dieting, they are about life change and puts the control in your hands by enhancing the choices you make about food and exercise. The Self Hypnotherapy recordings reinforce your progress and allow you to design your own hypnotic suggestions! Incentives to succeed are built into the structure of the programme, because you do not advance to the next step until you are successfully reducing your weight and shedding those excess pounds! Once you have achieved a reduction of at least SIXTEEN pounds, you have all the tools and methods you need to continue the programme on your own, or, if you prefer, schedule additional sessions.

Please Note: To participate in these programme you should be medically fit and if necessary gain clearance from your GP in order to embark on an approved dietary/nutrition plan combined with a suitable exercise regimen.

What the programmes cover:

  • Up to eight personalised sessions with Chris Reed D.Hyp Practitioner Counsellor HE. Dip
  • Two Self Hypnosis recordings.
  • Client Workbook to work on between sessions to strengthen key messages and motivation
  • Session 1: Initial Interview and Introduction to the Programme
  • Session 2: Healthy Eating Patterns
  • Session 3: Reframing for Compulsive Eating and Training in Self Hypnosis
  • Session 4: Stopping Emotional Eating and Stress Management

After session 4, subsequent sessions will be arranged once you have reduced your weight by at least four to six pounds from the previous session. You are in charge, so you work at your own pace. You don't advance to the next step until you are ready and are actually losing weight. So why not contact us for more information.

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